50,000 years ago, the first humans left Earth for the stars. Now, their distant descendants call themselves the Terrans. By far the most populous Galactic Civilization (with the possible exception of the Morpheans, whose population is difficult to define), Terrans have spread to every corner of the galaxy. Most terrans are heavily augmented by technology. Cranial implants allow them to think faster and more precisely than most other races, advanced prosthetics allow for incredible physical prowess, and genetic engineering and advanced cosmetic procedures allow terrans to manipulate their appearance to their liking.


In addition to being the most widespread race in the galaxy, Terrans are also one of the most diverse. Most do not dream of any great unified galactic order, but instead accept that the Milky Way is full of different peoples, with different ideologies, and they may not get along. Most Terrans don’t mind this diversity, and instead view others with a mixture of cold impartiality and enthusiastic curiosity. The insatiable thirst for knowledge that almost all Terrans possess is perhaps their most famous trait.

Physical Description

Most terran men stand between 5’ 6" and 6’ tall, with women generally being significantly shorter, standing between 4’ 8" and 5’ 4". Obviously there are exceptions to these ranges though. Women tend to have somewhat childlike features and no body hair (the result of 50,000 years of sexual selection selecting for neotenous traits). Most men have broad shoulders and, like women, lack body hair. Although there is a wide range of skin tones, most terrans have brown or olive skin, and they dye their hair—or get hair implants—in a variety of colors.



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