Waypoint takes place within a highly diverse galaxy, with thousands of intelligent species still undiscovered on distant worlds. Of all these species, the six so-called “Galactic Civilizations” have developed interstellar travel and spread throughout the Milky Way. Humans were the first species to do so, which they did roughly 50,000 years ago. They have since diverged into two distinct populations: the Terrans and the Thebans. The Morpheans also share a common history with humanity, as it was humans who created the sentient machines 40,000 years ago.

The other three Galactic Civilizations are decidedly more alien. The bug-like Kith-Zarayya and invertebrate Pike both possess highly advanced biotechnology giving them a huge diversity of form, and the minuscule, four-armed Torpir almost appear human, however from the waist down they have the body of a snake.

GM’s suggestion:

I suggest playing one of the human-derived races—Terrans, Thebans, or Morpheans. While I certainly don’t forbid playing as something else, many of the rules are tailored for humanoid races, so there is something to be said for the simplicity of it.


Highly evolved descendants of humans, heavily modified with cybernetic implants and genetic manipulation.


Species that evolved symbiotically and reproduces by combining the genetic makeup of its humanoid mother species and multiple insectoid father species. Each individual is highly specialized for a particular role in Kith-Zarayya society.


Ancient race of sentient machines created on Earth, extremely advanced, now living on vast space stations in the LMC.


Agendered, squid-like amphibious race known for their extremely peaceful society and reluctance to leave their home planet.


Corpulent race descended from humans, with highly developed psychic abilities.


Small, four-armed race capable of extremely high intelligence thanks to cortical implants developed by the Morpheans.


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