Wei Yi-Ting (魏翳婷)

Captain of the TGC Gaozu


Captain Wei is a thin, attractive woman with muted features and jet black hair with messy bangs. She wears her hair this way to cover a small scar above her right eye, and if one watches her eyes closely, that eye seems to lag a little bit behind her other eye when she focuses on something. Her commander’s uniform, with the triple chevron on its sleeve, is a point of great pride and honor for her, and the crew almost never sees her without it, except for the times they run into her in the gym.

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 12
Intelligence: 13
Health: 10
HP: 10
Will: 13
Perception: 13
FP: 10
Dodge: 8
Basic Speed: 5.5
Basic Move: 5

Appearance: Attractive
Wealth: Comfortable


  • Charisma 2
  • Status 2
  • Fearlessness 5
  • Hard to Kill 2
  • High Pain Threshold
  • Voice


  • Code of Honor (Moderate)
  • Curious
  • Sense of Duty (large group=her crew)


  • Area Knowledge 16
  • Armoury/TL 15
  • Brawling 14
  • Computer Operation/TL 15
  • Influence (diplomacy) 15
  • Influence (intimidation) 15
  • Influence (sex appeal) 11
  • Karate 13
  • Leadership +4
  • Mathematics 12
  • Melee Weapon (fencing) 13
  • Missile Weapon (pistol) 14
  • Natural Sciences 13
  • Navigation 13
  • Observation 13
  • Public Speaking 15
  • Survival 14
  • Swimming 11
  • Tactics 14
  • Vehicle Skills (piloting) +4

25-year-old Captain Wei’s meteoric rise through the ranks of the emperor’s fleet would have been legendary, but for the fact that her father—Admiral Wei Bai (魏白)—accomplished the same thing two decades earlier. Now in command of the TGC Gaozu, her first ship, Wei Yi-Ying is seeking to prove herself and honor her family in service to her emperor’s fleet.

Captain Wei has a very direct personality, but sometimes she gets tripped up by her sense of honor. She likes to speak her mind and is often critical of others’ opinions, a tendency which has gotten her in trouble with her superiors in the past, and now she tends to ask permission to speak her opinion even when she is dealing with less ranking officers.

Despite her petite appearance, Wei is tough and thick-skinned when it comes to her dealings with other people. Sometimes this makes her seem like she doesn’t care about people, but in truth she would give her own life without hesitation if it meant saving her crew. She is a devoted leader and a fierce friend for those who earn her trust.

Wei Yi-Ting (魏翳婷)

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