Tianguo (天国) is a K-class star system located roughly 170 light years from the Sol System, and 45 light years from Theta Suzaku. Tianguo’s system population of 8.5 billion—mostly living on the binary planet pair of Tian-1 and Tian-2—far exceeds the 5 billion person population of the Theta Suzaku system, and is only surpassed by the estimated 15 billion people living in the Sol System.

The Tianguo System contains 5 planets: Tian-1 (天一), Tian-2 (天二), and Tian-3 (天三) are terrestrial planets, all located within their star’s habitable zone; Tian-4 (天四) and Tian-5 (天五) are Neptune-sized gas giants located in the outer part of the system.


Tianguo was settled in the year 604 of the Standard Calendar (2573CE) by the Chinese Colony Ship Zheng He (中国殖民地船郑和). Upon arrival, the early settlers established New Beijing on Tian-2, and built settlements across the Tian-1/Tian-2 binary planet system. Over several generations of leadership by the beloved Zhou (周) family, and backed by a long history and a strong sense of cultural identity, the people of Tianguo built their system into one of the most prosperous in the galaxy.

But prosperity is not without it’s price. In 823SC a rash of high profile piracy cases and the rising power of Theta Suzaku prompted Empress Zhou Yin to commission the construction of a powerful defense fleet. Until that point, in-system defense had been carried out with refitted settlement-era starships and merchant vessels, but what Tianguo needed was a fleet that could go toe-to-toe with Theta Suzaku.

Empress Zhou’s fleet took ten years to build, and the flagship TGC Harmony left the shipyard on Tian-3 in 834SC. Seventeen years later, in 851SC, Harmony found herself on the front lines of the Tiresian War. The year long war was a struggle between Tianguo and Theta Suzaku for control of the Kepler-14297 star system, a valuable early-warning military outpost. In the end, Tianguo failed to repel the Suzaku fleet, and Kepler-14297 fell into enemy hands.

In the aftermath of the war a soft revolution overthrew the Zhou Dynasty, and replaced it with the current regime, led by the Hua (花) family. The Hua emperors have favored an isolationist approach to astropolitics, trading mostly with the directly adjacent Mei Hengxing and Long Hengxing star systems, and maintaining strict border-crossing and immigration protocols. While some citizens find this stance frustrating, when all is said and done, most enjoy the security afforded by the closed border.

Game Information

As the year 1049 dawns, Tianguo is enjoying a time of unequalled wealth, having expanded Helium-3 mining operations to the Outer Rim systems of Larson, McGee, and Deadwood. Plans are also underway to build a waypoint beacon in the unexplored Kepler-97243 system.

The fleet is on high alert, however, as reports trickle in that Theta Suzaku is awakening their military machine. Worse, the reports say that Theta Suzaku is in fact gearing up for an all-out war…


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