Tian-1 (天一) is part of a binary planetary system along with Tian-2. It is the second most populated planet in the Tianguo system, and it is heavily industrialized. The largest city on Tian-1 is Shenzhou City.

Distance from star: 0.6 AU
Orbital period: 0.46 years
Mass: 1.2 Earths
Radius: 0.99 Earths
Surface gravity: 1.2 g
Moons: Tian-2 (binary system)
Colonized Moons: Tian-2
Population: 3.2 billion

Climate and Geography

Scarred by an ancient catastrophe, only one third of the surface of Tian-1 is covered by ocean. The ocean, known as the Shenzhou (神州) Sea, is exceedingly deep, however, well over 30km deep in places. Most of the planet’s population lives on the shores of the Shenzhou Sea, where the climate is comfortable and Mediterranean. The majority of the planet’s surface beyond the ocean is marked by semi-arid steppes criss-crossed by tall mountain ranges and dotted with wide shield volcanoes. The searing Di Yu (地獄) desert lies on the planet’s far side. The desert is dangerous and inhospitable, and it is home to Pathogen 486, a dangerous and little-understood arsenic-based microbe.


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