Theta Suzaku

Theta Suzaku (θ-Suzaku, θ Su, or Theta Su) is a main sequence star of spectral class G located about 150 light years from Sol. The star is roughly 4 billion years old, slightly younger than Sol, and it harbors a rich planetary system.

The Theta Suzaku planetary system consists of two terrestrial planets, located closest to the star, and seven gas giants, with over two hundred moons. The terrestrial planets are both slightly larger than Earth, and the gas giants range in size from Jupiter-like Hydra to Neptune-sized Ceyx with its glittering rings.

Terrestrial Planets

Sayuri – Sayuri is a world covered in water, warm and humid, with hardly a breeze. Colonists live on the few small islands sprinkled across the planet and in nomadic floating cities.

Eiheiji – The seat of the Theta Suzaku High Council, Eiheiji wasn’t colonized until nearly one hundred years after the first settlers arrived in the system.

Gas Giants

Ceyx – The first planet to be settled, Ceyx is rich in Helium-3. Its clouds are filled with mining platforms that extract the precious gas from the planet’s atmosphere. It has four inhabited moons, located just beyond the planet’s vast ring system.
Moons: Alcyone, Echo, Icarus, Medea


Thisbe – Similar in size and composition to Ceyx, Thisbe has a deep purple hue streaked by white cloud decks. Three of Thisbe’s moons are inhabited.
Moons: Pyramus, Niobe, Pan


Moons: Achilles



Theta Suzaku

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