TGC Gaozu

An igloo inside of an igloo inside of an igloo…

Bridge crew:

  • commander
  • executive officer
  • pilot
  • engineering officer
  • navigator
  • sensor operator
  • communication officer
  • main batteries gunner
  • tactical officer
  • 10 secondary battery gunners

Deck crew:

  • deck chief
  • senior technician
  • 100 deck hands and mechanics

The engineering branch also has 1,500 technicians who maintain all of the ship’s various functions.

Sick bay crew:

  • medical officer (doctor)
  • 2 PA’s
  • 7 nurses

Small craft:

  • 10 captains, each in command of a squadron of 10 pilots for a total of 100 fighter pilots
  • 100 Radar Intercept Officers, each assigned to a pilot. They’re the back seat drivers no pilot can do without :)
  • 20 additional pilots fly troop transport ships and air-breathing craft as needed;

There are also 500 ground combat troops aboard, affectionately referred to as the boarding party; a diplomat; an astronomer; and various civilians who run the amenities (bars, shops, and recreation) aboard the ship.

TGC Gaozu

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